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317 Burger vs. Boogie Burger

For this week’s vegetarian-friendly review, whose meatless creation is worthy of being the better burger?

THEME: Where’s The Beef?


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What makes a hamburger a hamburger? To look at this question another way, what can you take out from a hamburger without changing the definition?

If you put lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, sauce and cheese between two pieces of bread, you get… well, an odd sandwich.

If you go to any outdoor barbecue and put a grilled beef patty between two buns however, most people would call that a burger (albeit a lame one).

…but does that patty need to be made of meat? We take a look this week at two different burgers that have substituted out the most iconic part of a burger for a different type of patty to see if they can hold a candle up to their carnivorous counterparts.


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Fat Dan’s vs Shapiro’s

Two burgers from two delis

THEME: Deli Duel

Known for their wide variety of meats and cheeses, delis are often known for sandwiches and prepared foods. With most delis being anywhere between a grocery store and a restaurant, we searched for ones that served up burgers on their menu on top of their usual offerings. Which one of these two delis offered the best burger bites?

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MacNiven’s vs Claddagh Irish Pub

A Scottish pub goes head to head with an Irish pub to see who serves up a better bar burger.

THEME: Pub Grub

Ah, pubs. Short for public house, these alcohol serving establishments have been major staples of any civilized society for hundreds of years. Although beers and booze are the main reasons to visit, many places now focus on food as well; after all, who doesn’t love a drunk burger? In order to get a more sober comparison, we went to two Indianapolis pubs – one Irish, one Scottish – and found out which one of these watering holes had the better burger to go along with your beer.

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Bru Burger Bar vs Burgerhaus

Two classic burger joints look to show Indianapolis their own personal creations

THEME: Burger Joints

What better way to start a burger blog than to picks two restaurants that focus on burgers? We take a look at two establishments that have “Burger” in their very name, and we pick apart the burgers that they have each called their own in order to find out which one reigns supreme. Continue reading “Bru Burger Bar vs Burgerhaus”