Bru Burger Bar vs Burgerhaus

Two classic burger joints look to show Indianapolis their own personal creations

THEME: Burger Joints

What better way to start a burger blog than to picks two restaurants that focus on burgers? We take a look at two establishments that have “Burger” in their very name, and we pick apart the burgers that they have each called their own in order to find out which one reigns supreme.

Name: The Bru Burger
Hometown: Bru Burger Bar – 410 Mass Ave
Weight: 383 grams
Cost: $11.00

The Bru Burger: Hometown hero of one of Mass Ave’s most well known burger restaurants
Ingredients: Bacon, Tomato Jam, Taleggio Cheese, Carmelized Onions, Chopped Lettuce, Mayo

The Bun

The first thing you touch and taste on a burger is the bun. It is the wrapper that holds together your meaty present and as everyone knows, your burger is only as strong as its bun. Despite the hefty weight of this burger, we noticed that the bun did a good job of holding everything together as we picked it up. It was also well toasted, giving it that extra crunch when you bit into it which helped contrast a lot of the softer ingredients inside.

The Meat

All of burgers from Bru are made from a signature blend of sirloin, chuck, and brisket according to their website, and the patties they form were hearty and full. We asked our burger to be cooked medium and medium it was when it arrived. It was a good patty that was lightly seasoned, but nothing extraordinary.

The Ingredients

The other ingredients in the Bru Burger is where it really shined through for us. The cheese they use is taleggio, which is a softer, richer cheese that is melted over the burger. On top of that, they piled on caramelized onions which added a sweet taste, bacon strips that gave it a salty bite, shredded lettuce to add some refreshing crunch, and a tomato jam that was sharp enough to stick out without overpowering the meat or any of the other ingredients. The meat wasn’t overly seasoned so it might have been slightly bland by itself, but all the other ingredients in the burger did a great job of really bringing out that full meaty flavor while adding in their own individual notes that enhanced the burger as as whole.

The Ratio

As with every great burger, it’s not just the meat or the other ingredients, but the ratio of the two that brings everything together. The Bru Burger did a great job of finding a good balance that really made every ingredient in the burger feel like it belonged and was a part of the identity of the burger as a whole.

In a sentence:

The Bru Burger, although a little bit messy, is a very solid burger that shows its unique identity through its well chosen ingredients.

Name: The Haus
Hometown: Burgerhaus – 335 W. 9th Street D
Weight: 328 grams
Cost: $10.00

The Haus: A classic creation of the Burgerhaus 
Ingredients: Swiss Cheese, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions

The Bun

The first thing that we noticed with The Haus unfortunately was the bun. While the top bun was nice and fluffy, the bottom bun had been reduced to a mushy mess. While it’s true that we didn’t eat these burgers the minute they were served to us since we got them to go, it couldn’t have taken us more than 10 minutes to get back to our apartment. Within that time frame, the liquid content had overtaken the bottom bun and seeped through. Slightly alarming for such a short delay, not even considering what it would’ve looked like the next day as leftovers.

The Meat

Burgerhaus makes its burgers with prime beef ground chuck and like Bru Burgers, the patties were thick and full. We asked our burger to be cooked medium, but as you can see from the picture above, it turned out more medium rare. The burger was lightly seasoned and tasted fine, but like Bru’s, nothing extraordinary.

The Ingredients

The other toppings of The Haus included swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onions. Other than a bit of zing from the onions, nothing in these ingredients did much to stick out and enhance the burger patty itself. There was nothing wrong with the lettuce, tomato, and onion, but it seemed like they were just put there to mark some boxes off of a cheeseburger checklist. The swiss cheese did its best to add flavor but couldn’t really match the thick beef patty it was situated on top of.

The Ratio

The ratio of ingredients were fine, but as aforementioned, it was the weak impact of the side ingredients that seem to topple the ratio in favor of the beef for this burger. The Haus ultimately ended up tasting like just bread and meat with hints of other toppings rather than a complete, unique burger.

In a sentence:

The Haus wasn’t by any means a bad burger, but at the same time, was probably a burger you could easily make yourself at home.


The Bru Burger

From the soggy bread to the nonchalant use of other ingredients, there isn’t much that pushed The Haus to anything above an average burger. Although there was nothing wrong with how the meat was cooked (maybe slightly rarer than was ordered), the thick patty didn’t hold enough seasoning to outperform the ingredients around it. At the end of the day, the two major flavors we tasted were bread and meat.

The Bru Burger on the other hand was able to use its other ingredients to compliment and bind all the flavors into a single food entity, rather than a sum of its individual parts. Although the patty by itself was probably seasoned the same light levels of The Haus’, the mound of melted cheese, bacon, and sharp tomato jam mingled and worked well with the meat. They were all distinct enough that you would notice if you took one out, but not so strong that it overtook the flavor of the patty itself.

Meaty Math

For the fiscally conscious, although the Bru Burger was a dollar more expensive, it did outweigh The Haus by 55 grams. By doing the math, you see can see in the following table that you do get more burger for your buck with Bru:

Burger Weight (g) Price ($) Gram / Dollar
Haus Burger 328 $10.00 32.80
Bru Burger 383 $11.00 34.82

In response to this however, The Haus comes with fries, while the Bru Burger does not. If you’re purely a burger connoisseur, you probably won’t care about that fact. If you’re a regular person – the fries were good 🙂

Check out both of these restaurants below!
Bru Burger Bar

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