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Hello and welcome to Jae and Jae’s Indy Burger Blog! As evidenced by our title, we are two guys named Jae looking to find the best burgers in Indianapolis.

Every week, we decide on two restaurants that have burgers (in some capacity) on their menu and choose one from each that are thematically similar. We then eat them side by side and determine which is better based on a number of categories that we make up.

Whether you’re a major foodie who’s burger-crazy or a random reader who’s looking for new food to try, we hope you enjoy our blog!

Jae and Jae

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Week 5 : 317 Burger vs Boogie Burger

The Black Bean Burger vs The Chipotle Black Bean Burger

Which burger joint had the better bean burger?

In this special vegetarian friendly review, Jae and Jae take a look at two meat-free burgers to find out which burger joint could hit the spot for even the most carnivorous of tastes!

317 Burger [versus] Boogie Burger

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Who Are We?

Jae and Jae are friends that met in college who decided to become roommates in Indianapolis after they both moved to the city for their jobs.

  • Jae enjoys shooting photography, Netflix marathons that are borderline unhealthy, and cooking without the aid of any measuring devices.
  • Jae enjoys running when it’s nice out, playing the same piano pieces over and over again, and looking at cars he will probably never reasonably afford.

Why start a burger blog?

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